What is Belly Fit?

The Belly Fit is specially designed for women’s post-pregnancy use. It helps women to get back in shape in 4 weeks time. Belly Fit is made from natural textile Bamboo fabric. The latex-free material and smooth......
What is Golden 8?

Golden 8 is a post-natal belt, specifically designed to get back your pre-pregnancy hips. Golden 8 provides added stability to the loose pelvic joints and ligaments helping to prevent injury fatigue or stress......


Mom-desire.com to fulfil Every Mom’s Desire
Every mom desire a perfect body even though after giving birth to a baby.

We understand that after giving birth to a baby, mummy will experience a dramatic change in her body especially on the belly & the hips. That’s why Mom-Desire.com develops some very innovative products to help moms to achieve their dream. BELLY FIT for perfect belly, GOLDEN 8 for perfect hips.

Some come and experience an amazing transformation and see how magical result you will have in 8 weeks.


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